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High Court today pronounced an arrangement to house 178 shops illicit.

High Court today pronounced an arrangement to house 178 shops illicit
on the main floor of Dhaka’s New Market with steel structures .

It was proclaimed illicit on grounds that the arrangement is conflicting to the 1951 masterplan and that the new development will harm the earth.

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) had issued the arrangement to make steel lodging of first floor at New Market lodging 178 shops in February a year ago.

The High Court seat of Justice Sheik Hasan Arif and Justice Razik-Al Jalil thought of the decision in the wake of hearing a writ appeal testing the lawfulness of DSCC’s arrangement.

Dr dewan Aminul Islam, leader of Dhaka New Market Traders’ Association, and its Joint Secretary Md Sohel Bepari presented the appeal in February a year ago saying that nature of the new market region would be harmed if the arrangement were executed.

The HC on Feb 12 a year ago, remained the viability of the DSCC’s arrangement and furthermore issued a standard asking the specialists worried to clarify for what valid reason the arrangement ought not be pronounced illicit.

In the wake of holding hearing on the standard, the HC today conveyed the request.

The writ applicants’ legal counselor, Barrister Aneek R Haque disclosed to The Daily Star that the DSCC can’t build the primary floors of the 178 shops at the New Market with steel structures following the HC decision.

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