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How to Lodge First Information Report (FIR) to a Police Station

How to Lodge First Information Report (FIR) to a Police Station filing General Registered Case has been provisions under section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure,1898. In this section it has been stated that information about Cognizable Case. That is the way to file a General Register Case

Usual practice of First Information Reports (FIR) :-
It has been long standing legal practice in in criminal courts that there are two types of First Information Reports as (a) G R Case and (b) Non- G R Case ; in brief in the court practice one is FIR and another is No FIR.

Time of Lodging First Information Reports FIR):-
There is no specific time mention in the law to lodge FIR but the case should be filed as early as possible after the commissioning of the cognizable offence by the offender. This is why the First Information Report (FIR) is important to lodge into a police station, because after the information the Police came to the commissioning of a cognizable offence and according Police can easily take action for investigation rapidly. Thus the First Information Reports or FIR is the essential part to try in the trial court. On the other hand sensible reason should be mentioned it is delayed to lodge.

Section | 154 – Information of the Cognizable offence .
The Characteristics of this section are as bellow:
• There must be an Information by the informant
• The information must be a Cognizable offence
• This information must be produced to the Police Station
• Information must be oral a or Written,
• If it is oral ,the duty officer must write the oral statement of the informant.
• The informant have to sign there
• The information is to written in a Government prescribed form
Thus, if this conditioned is applied then it is called Ajaher or First Information Report ot F. I. R.

Note: To interpret this section in a criminal court where it means this section 154 is a filing of Ajaher or First Information Reports or F I R.

Where Ajaher is defined ?
• (a) Section 154 (b) Section 155 (c) Section 156 (d) Section 161
Ans- (a)Section 154

How Ajaher is provisioned as to file a cognizable case ?
• (a)Section 154 (b) Section 155 (c) Section 156 (d) Section 161
Ans- (a)Section 154

What is the Title of Section 154 of CrPC?
• (a) Information about Non bail able offence (b) Information about bail able offence (c) Information about cognizable offence (d) Information about Non Cognizable offence
Ans- (c) Information about Cognizable offence

What is the Nature of FI R or Ajaher ?
• (a) Cognizable Offence (b) Non cognizable offence (c) Bail able offence (d) non bail able offence
Ans: (a) Cognizable offence

How about practice of Criminal case in regards of cognizable offence to lodge FIR?
• (a) G R case (b) Non- G R case (c) Both a and b (d) None
Ans: (c) Both a and b
Important tips:– General Registered Case which is originated from Police Station by way of Ajahar or First information Reports or by FIR must be a cognizable offence.

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