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T P Act 1882

 Section-1 (1932) 36 CWN 774 Raza Vs. Abbas : The of property Act saves the rules mohamedan law in so far as they are inconsident with the rules contained in read more

Registration Act

N I Act

Register to exercise and perform all the powers and duties

 Section-7 9  BLC  624  Abdul Kader Chokder and others Vs. ADC,(Revenue) and others (Civil)- The provesion of Notification no.120.Mise dated 28-06-1923 of the Government of Bengal issued under section 7(2) read more


Section-3 8 DLR 374 Upendra N. Biswas vs. Haripada Saha Kunda- Procedure to follow to recover debts under the PDR Act.The effect of service of notice upon certificate-debtor.Steps which a read more

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