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Partition Suit

How to stay of Civil Suits ?

Section 10 of the Code ,How to stay of Civil Suits ? In civil matters Section 10 is mandatory and if all the conditions of section 10 is maintained or read more


Action Tips For Pending Action Based On Laws And Decisions To Enforce.

Action tips for pending action based on Laws and decisions to enforce. These words have been understood to mean a pending suit. The Court misinterpreted and misunderstood that the meaning read more

Basic Requirements

Basic Requirements for Granting Temporary Injunction

Basic requirements for granting temporary injunction – In order to be entitled to an order of temporary injunction the plaintiffs be must make out (a) a fair prima facie case read more


Legal Provisions of Section 10 CPC stay of Suit same matter in issue

• Legal Provisions of Section 10 CPC is to prevent the court of concurent from simultaneously trying two parallel suits in respect of the same matter in issue or the read more

acquisition and requsition

Abatement liberally seen when no gross law and negligence

Abatement on the death of a party to a legal proceeding follows automatically unless his heirs and heirness are substituted within the prescribed time. To substantiate the legal representative of read more