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High Court Division was totally unmindful while allowing the prayer

Addition of party –   High  Court Division was totally unmindful while allowing the prayer for addition of party and that too, in absence of materials which are relevant to allow such a petition. The presence of the respondent No.1 is not at all necessary in disposing of Rule. –Alauddin Masum vs Aleya Begum (Civil),67  DLR  (AD) (2015)  136.

Cost – The Court should assign  a reason in assign in awarding cost or compensation otherwise it may appear to be arbitrary or indiscreet exercise of power or discretion with regard to realization of the same. – Government of Bangladesh vs Nurul Amin (Civil), 67 DLR  (AD)  (2015)  352.

Criminal law and jurisprudence – Our criminal law and jurisprudence have develop highlighting social conditions and cultural values.The European Union has abolished death penalty in the context of their social conditions and values,but we cannot totally abolish a sentence of death in our country because the killing of women for dowry, abduction of woman for prostitution, the abduction of children for trafficking are so rampant which totally foreign to those developed countries. – Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust(BLAST) vs State (Civil),67  DLR  (AD)  (2015)  185.

Ex-Parte –   Even if suit is heard ex parte ,the plaintiff cannot get a walk over and he has to prove his own case  Q – Immam Hossain Sawdagor vs Abdul Hashem (Civil)  67 DLR  (AD)  (2015)  266.

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