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BD Law Reports

BD Law Reports Online Legal Sources of Higher Court Decisions in Bangladesh

BD Law Reports(BLR) Online Legal Sources of Higher Court Decisions & Rulings providing popular online Laws of court practice and Legal Decisions Matters related to Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there are a lot of lacking in submission before the trial courts. Courts is bound to make a judgment based on laws and also in case of difficulties court can follow the Higher Courts decisions and rulings are made in the verdict. Thus Bd Law Reports playing a potential role in the connection of selecting concerning the law about the judgment to follow. Every day in our court premises Advocates, jurists, and Judges are the parts of our Judiciary in adjudication between the litigants. Litigants are seekers of legal remedies. This is why the necessary laws are very much essential to know. Bd Law Reports (BLR) are the same as DLR ( Dhaka Law Reports) , BLD ( Bangladesh Legal Decisions), MLR ( Mainstream Law Reports), ALR ( All India Law Reports) Etc which are used in Bangladesh. Besides this, we provide all types of Legal suggestions from our associates based on criminal.civil, commercial, immigration, income taxes, notary public, etc.

The site is maintained ,operated , developed and designed by Mr Rafiqul Islam ( Rafiq), An Advocate of Judge Court, satkhira. He is also an expert counselor for Enrollment of Bangladesh Bar Council as an Advocate. For all your asking please feel free to contact us






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